Thursday, July 20, 2006


Democracy? - Idiot #15

Before jumping to the nomination today I will admit to making a late bid for the nominee this morning. Traipsing across Covent Garden on my way to the office I tripped over one of the cobbles. This was not a standard trip however. My arms went windmilling over my head. The bag attached to the arms followed before bouncing across the cobbles. In the process destroying two apples, cracking the screen on my portable DAB radio and destroying the bottle of calpol I had bought for my kids (as both are suffering from a summer cold at the moment). All this happened in front of quite a few delivery drivers causing embarrassment to go with the scuffed shoes, destroyed consumer goods and bruised knees.

However today's idiot is somewhat of an easy target. George W Bush last night used his veto powers to overrule a bill to remove the barriers to funding of Stem Cell research. This research has potential to cure things like Alzheimers and Parkinsons Disease, and the US Congress decided that this was a good thing. However Bush decided that this bill was immoral and used his powers to say thanks but no thanks.

No whilst I understand that this is essentially a 'where do you draw the line' argument the bill was going to allow the use of embryos for stem cell research. These embryos would have been destroyed anyway so I don't see the issue. Especially as at the same time a bill banning the growth of foetuses specifically for this sort of research was okayed.

Today's Cull: I took a vote of people I know and the overwhelming consensus was for you to be given a humane culling. However I decided I didn't like that idea and ignored them Therefore you will be removed from the gene pool by being beaten to death by three week old hard boiled eggs.

As the song by Savage Garden says "I believe God does not endorse TV evangalists" but DUBYA apparantly does - lots of votes outthere - good sense does not come into it unfortunately !
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